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Connect With D-Link Router Support For D-Link Router Setup

So you have purchased a new D-Link Router? unable to set up your router? It may be a bit difficult for you to perform the D-Link Router Setup task on your own. There are various complicated features in your D-Link Router that make this tough for you to handle. In fact, the user manual guide is also of no use at times. So you can take help from Our D-Link support Team for step by step guidance.D-Link Support

D-Link is a very popular brand name for offering exclusive wired and wireless routers. Just like every other technology, D-Link routers also have some complications that require an experienced technical help. At the end of the day, each of your technical problems can be answered by the efficient D-link support technicians.


Assistance For Your D-Link Router Setup

This is a very frustrating situation when you are clueless about your device settings but have to configure it. Though there are various instructions available on the internet, they are not really helpful enough. In order to help you get out of this situation, we have introduced a few simple steps for you.

Connect Your Router To The Modem

Firstly, connect your router with the adapter and plug it into the wall outlet. Now, time to run the Ethernet cable to the yellow or black WAN port on your D-Link Router. Let the power and WAN light flash on your system after this procedure. You have crossed the first step of your D-Link Router Setup process.D-Link Support

Again Connect Your Router To Your PC

Navigate to the system tray and select the Network icon. Choose the name of your router network from there. You will find the name from the package of your D-Link Router. Get the password from the configuration card and enter the password or network key. Now hit the Connect button.

Time To Configure Your D-Link Router

Write your router’s IP address on the address bar and enter your username and password to complete the login procedure. After that, click Run Wizard to start the setup wizard operation. As per your connection type, your router automatically chooses the common default settings.

If you are a DSL or ADSL router user, select the PPPoE and enter the PPPoE username and password. On the next step, choose a new network name and password and make sure you remember them both. In the same fashion, the password should be a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols altogether. Finally, your D-Link Router Setup is done.


What Does Your D-Link Router Provide?

Once you finish the D-Link Router setup procedure, you will be able to access various exclusive tools of your router. Here is a list of the features that your D-Link router contains:

  • Four antennas
  • QRS mobile app
  • Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Up to 867mbps – 5GHz router speed.
  • WPA2 Advanced security settings and NAT/SPI

Therefore, set up your device and get the best internet experience with your D-Link Routers.


D-link Support: Need Any Further Information?

In case you are still unable to complete the D-Link Router setup process or looking for any other information, reach out to the D-Link Support. They will provide instant answers to all your queries and help you with other effective solutions or you can call our D-Link Customer Support Number  +1-833-276-7327 for an instant solution.

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