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Troubleshoot Gmail Error 400 | Best Solution at Your Fingertips

Facing the Gmail error 400 for a long time and you tried to out many solutions but didn’t get rid out of this error. At a time everything goes right and all of a sudden you find the consecutive reloading of Gmail. And finally, You get the ‘Bad Request Error 400’ appears on your window with a black screen.

But, one thing has also been noticed with this error code that the moment when you switch your browser from Chrome to Firefox, everything seems fine. So, it is not only a Gmail issue, rather we can call it a combined Gmail and Chrome error.

you can find out the solutions, by clear the browsing history and cache memory. But it’s not the permanent solution to your error.

gmail error 400


Reasons behind the error

The ‘Bad Request Error 400’ usually appears if you have pasted or entered a wrong URL in the address bar. From those wrong websites, cookies get a clear entrance to your system. Once your system crashes with that cookie, you find that error appearing on your screen. Though there can be other causes as well and they vary with your problem.


How to Fix Gmail Error 400…

It is not necessary to remove the whole browsing history. But actually, the problem lies down inside one solitary cookie. Once you delete that, everything will be fine again. Try out this method to remove the Gmail Error 400 :

  • Once the error message appears, right click on the page.
  • Click on the ‘Inspect Element’ from the right-click menu.
  • Tap on the ‘Resources’ button from the top of the Developer Window.
  • Select the little triangle next to ‘Cookies’ and expand the section on the left side navigation.
  • Now, click on the ‘mail.google.com’ cookie, right-click on the ‘GMAIL_IMP’ and delete that.
  • And you are ready to go. Refresh the Gmail Error 400 page and everything will be back to work again.

    Gmail error

If you are unable to find the ‘mail.google.com’ cookie, you can simply search for it. But first, you have to log out of your Gmail account after you complete this task.

This may take some time. If you have tried out the methods but couldn’t find any solutions.you can get in touch with our Gmail Support experts for easier solutions.

Now, refresh and get a flawless mailing account. This procedure basically scrutinizes the root cause of the error and removes it completely from your system. So, it’s just that one cookie that was creating so much of trouble in your mailbox.


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