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Which is the best antivirus to use? This is probably the first question surfacing on your mind while installing one. But do you know on what grounds you should make the choice of installing a malware detection software on your system? Here I have noted down a few of the considerations you should keep in mind while installing Norton Antivirus Software for your system or you can take help from Our Norton Antivirus Support team.

Norton Antivirus Support


Things To Remember Before Installing A Norton Antivirus Software

Take a look at the list and point out all the prominent factors to consider while installing the Norton antivirus security.

Other than the query, “which is the best antivirus for pc?”, there are a few others, have a look

Will the Norton Antivirus support both for Mac and Windows devices?

Norton Antivirus Support

The Norton antivirus software works well for both Windows as well as iOS devices. It has some amazing features like the “in-the-cloud” detection also known as the protection cloud. The feature is well-versed with both the devices of Windows and Mac and works satisfactorily to stop the possible risk threats.

It will help you to scan on a schedule and also make you check the extended files with the help of heuristic scanning.

Is it important to install an anti-spyware scanner along with antivirus?Norton Antivirus Support Number

With Norton antivirus software, the need to include a separate anti-spyware scanner is the least. The product is good enough to take up the charge of functioning as both spyware as well as malware support.

I already have a free trial version of some other antivirus on my system. Do I need a new one?

The trial version of antivirus software work reliably but that is only for a small period. The paid versions are always a better choice as the question here is regarding your system security.

The free versions even cause a lot of trouble while you try to install the new Norton antivirus software. Thus you must make sure to uninstall the existing malware product before installing the new one.

It is better to avoid the possibility of running two security products on the same system. It will try to hamper the function of both and as a result, will make your PC malfunction. Thus, before getting the new one, format your PC for good.

NoteNorton Customer support phone number

Make sure to reboot your system before availing the new product and get rid of the existing version. This will not only help you format your system for good but will also boost up its speed.

Ask yourself if the questions have never crossed your mind and I am sure you will nod your answer in agreement.



Your system security is not something you should take lightly, letting go of the question of compromising with it as a whole. Hackers are out there waiting to sneak into your privacy by any means and thus the need to upgrade your system security.

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